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Mature Student


This entry is a brief reintroduction for people who have not read my blog before and an indication to its future direction. At this point, I'm a mature student - comes with being ten years senior to most of my fellow students - studying Computer Science, and this will be my third year at the University of Southampton. I've worked in the IT industry as a developer for several years prior to my re-entry into study. Continue reading →

Banana Bread for Helpdesk

I hope Helpdesk liked the banana bread Is it that time already? That was a rhetorical question, since my netbook informs me that it is the 10th of December, so bar ntp turning around and betraying me, I will assume that it is the correct date. At the cost of putting more pennies into the blogger's cliché jar, this term has been incredibly quick and event packed. Continue reading →

New Mature Student

Part 1 Hot coffee, cool orange juice and a freshly baked baguette at the ready. Maybe its not most people's idea of a Sunday breakfast for a student, but it is not expensive and it gives time for a moment of reflection as the clouds have began to settle after a seemly hectic two weeks since the beginning of term. Continue reading →