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In life procrastination never really gets you that far

In life procrastination never really gets you that far. That’s a bit of a lie because you can get far. It just takes twice as long! Semester 1 of my first year is over and I can only say it’s been an enjoyable, albeit a stressful experience. Firstly, writing is not my forte and hence I’ll probably keep my first blog short! I think I’ll start on the joys of the self-taught maths. Continue reading →

The End of the Semester Hit Me Quite Hard

Well, back after a long time away from the blog. Why? Holidays and exams. The end of the semester hit me quite hard, I went on holidays planning on revising for the exams and doing coursework, and truth is I tried, but it didn’t happen. Therefore, by the time I got back everything was on top of me. Luckily it worked out quite well, I ate, drank and breathed books and Java and finally got through it. Continue reading →

My First Two-Cents

To this day, it's been three weeks since Computer Science has officially started, and I'm liking it. The programming labs are suitable for everyone of all abilities, even for Java Junkies like myself, there are additional tasks which stretch your abilities. Of course there are also easier tasks for the complete newbie. My last lab session involved me programming a virtual ATM. The basic task was to write a program which does a few very simple sums to deposit or withdraw money. Continue reading →

The Presentation Was a Relief To Complete

It has been an interesting couple of weeks which have just followed the Christmas break. The lectures have generally been in a relaxed style, but there has been a noticeable tension with the approach of exams. Thrown into the mix have been the remaining Maths module tests, which form the Engineering Mathematics for Computer Science coursework, and a presentation to make on the viability of Open Source software. Continue reading →

Upcoming Exams – Fast Forward!

Exams! I had my last lecture of the semester this morning, and that can only mean one thing – exams! Yes that’s right, fast forward to Monday afternoon and I’ll be sitting my first proper university exam, on Logic Circuit Design. I had a lot of grounding in this area from my A-level Electronics course, but I have been (pleasantly) surprised by the amount of interesting new material covered. Continue reading →

No Santa Outfit Yet, There’s Maths to be Learnt

Christmas is getting nearer, but I can’t don my false beard and Father Christmas outfit just yet. There are still several coursework deadlines to be met before Christmas, along with several more tests in the Maths modules. These add up to a considerable amount of work, and there will not be much relaxing until they are completed. Tickets have gone on sale for the ECS Christmas party, which takes place on the 8th December. Continue reading →