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Not Too Long Now Until Christmas

#2 – Not long now This is weird. It’s nearly the Christmas holidays, and I’ve handed in a few pieces of coursework, finished my Electronics labs, and am now into the final stretch, as it were, with one more coursework due before we leave, and then just a few maths tests left. On the subject of maths, if you did what I did, took a gap year and never did further maths, this stuff becomes HARD. Continue reading →

Masters, What an Intimidating Word

Masters, what an intimidating word. I mean He-man was a Master of the Universe and here am I, trying to be a ‘Master’ too. Honestly speaking I am still trying to come to grips with what that means, Masters, where do I fit in within the overall scheme of things. Wait, I should probably introduce myself, I’m Aaron and I will be bombarding you with randomness for the remainder of the year. Anyway, back to ramble number 1. Continue reading →