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First Semester

Reflecting on First Semester

I'm back at home for the christmas holidays. Now I can reflect on the first term and what a fantastic time I had! As you might expect, it was a time of trying and testing many things. The most enjoyable part of the first term was creating a simulation of an Enigma Machine. Plugging all the parts together correctly so that I could decode the first message was such a rewarding moment. The trick to getting it right was apparently to do enormous amounts of testing. Continue reading →

Life at Southampton and ECS

Aaaand breathe! Sitting back and reflecting on an incredibly fast-paced semester from the comfort of an armchair at home, I’m struggling to articulate what life at Southampton and ECS is like – there’s so much to it! Whether it be the challenging coursework, the (admittedly sometimes befuddling) engaging lectures, the task of balancing all of this with a social life amongst the swathes of opportunities various societies present, or just remembering to maintain some form of lifestyle in... Continue reading →

Getting started: Part 1

It's been almost two whole months since I started the Computer Science course at ECS. It still sometimes feels like a dream. I remembered reading about the University and student life before coming, getting ready and, most of all, getting excited. I wanted to find out more about Southampton as well as living in the United Kingdom. Everything turned out to be completely different from what I had anticipated. Different and better. Continue reading →