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OpenChatter Project

OpenChatter Project Sometimes progress on a project can stagnate, leaving the end result as a load of odd bits of code that don't quite work when put together. This is especially true of group work where the aim is to integrate disparate technologies and there is no clear group leader. I finished such a project in January for the scripting languages course. Continue reading →

Start of the ECS journey

So, you’ve had your A-level results and had your place at ECS confirmed? You’ve got the accommodation you wanted all sorted and secured (though don’t worry unduly if you haven’t, as mine took forever to sort out, wasn’t at all what I wanted, and I still had the best time!)? And in 14 days time, you’re going to be unleashed into the world of university for the first time? If all these are you, then you’re a lucky, lucky person! I guarantee you are going to have an absolutely... Continue reading →

Network Issues over Christmas

OK, I know it's been absolutely AGES since I've last updated this. Two months and a bit. It's a disgrace, I know and I'm terribly sorry. I've been busy. I was probably busy doing stuff other than work, but nonetheless, faffing is still an activity :P At least we've got loads more bloggers to fill in the gap this time around. I can't believe how much the ECS student blogging community has grown and they're writing some pretty good stuff as well. Continue reading →