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Freshers Week Come Around Already

So freshers' week has come around already; after what seems like an incredibly short summer, we are thrown straight back (with full force!) into uni life. It is very interesting how different this summer, after my second year here, has been when compared to last summer and the summer before. Summer 2009 I'm going to be totally honest; the summer I had before I came to university was pretty awful. Continue reading →

In life procrastination never really gets you that far

In life procrastination never really gets you that far. That’s a bit of a lie because you can get far. It just takes twice as long! Semester 1 of my first year is over and I can only say it’s been an enjoyable, albeit a stressful experience. Firstly, writing is not my forte and hence I’ll probably keep my first blog short! I think I’ll start on the joys of the self-taught maths. Continue reading →

Ranked Top 5 Overall for Computer Science

One thing I have come to realise is that being a course representative for a course which is ranked in at least the top 5 overall for Computer Science is not a trivial responsibility. Furthermore, as a course representative, you have to fulfil more than your position. You must not only do your job, but also look out for your course-mates; these people will be with you for the next 3/4 years, possibly longer. You want to treat them well and if you do, they will most likely do the same. Continue reading →

Cup of Java anyone?

Three weeks in, and it's time to scribble a few more thoughts. I've just got back into my room in halls from doing everyone's washing up, while they've all gone away for the weekend. Just Dan, one of my flatmates, and myself this weekend, so it's quiet in halls and I can think about the blog post. The course is slowly but steadly progressing, and it's beginning to teach me a few things. Continue reading →

Writing My Own C# Game

I'm typing this on my netbook, surrounded by piles of a teenage boy's laundry. Next to me, someone is fighting off a combination of head-grabbing aliens and gas-mask wearing policemen (courtesy of Microsoft's Xbox360) while, somewhere in the distance, a King Charles spaniel snuffles around looking for a free meal. I must be home for Easter. There's always something a little weird about arriving back at the parents' house after being away all term. Continue reading →

You know you’re an engineer when: You start to lose your audience…

You know you’re an engineer when: You start to lose your audience... I was at home in Marlborough the other weekend, while the country was still being inundated by snow. We were enjoying Second Christmas, a hobbit-esque celebration invented so we could celebrate Christmas as a family; my brother, Will, having returned from New Zealand that week. We were sitting round the table before supper and I took out my new smartphone to send a text message. Continue reading →