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One thing I have come to realise is that being a course representative for a course which is ranked in at least the top 5 overall for Computer Science is not a trivial responsibility. Furthermore, as a course representative, you have to fulfil more than your position. You must not only do your job, but also look out for your course-mates; these people will be with you for the next 3/4 years, possibly longer. You want to treat them well and if you do, they will most likely do the same. If you are thinking about becoming a course representative then here are my pearls of wisdom:

  1. Get to know everybody’s names.
  2. Post useful coursework information on Facebook.
  3. Be the first to report any problems to lecturers.
  4. Invite them to your birthday outings.

As a result, most people know who I am and as far as I’m aware, no one has any issue with approaching me directly and saying “Nick, I’m not happy with this…” Also, when I go to a party people will exclaim my arrival along the lines of “Whey it’s Hatter!”

As I write this post there are 19 days left until the end of the first year. 19 days. Sorry, what happened to the other one-hundred-and-eighty? I feel like I haven’t exploited my first year enough; most people report that their first year is a walk in the park. However, I forget that I am a member of ECS – and we have high expectations. I am proud to say I am, even if it means that whilst some of my friends are at the pub merrily drinking away, I am in my room writing programs in C. As the saying goes: ‘One does not simply walk into ECS’.

I will be catching a taxi today up to the Chilworth Science Park for my interview with Southampton’s IT Innovation. According to one of my friends who did a placement there, it’s a lovely place to work and the people you work with are really interesting and friendly. That’s one thing I know certain jobs in retail lack (talking from first-hand experience).

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