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In life procrastination never really gets you that far

In life procrastination never really gets you that far. That’s a bit of a lie because you can get far. It just takes twice as long! Semester 1 of my first year is over and I can only say it’s been an enjoyable, albeit a stressful experience. Firstly, writing is not my forte and hence I’ll probably keep my first blog short! I think I’ll start on the joys of the self-taught maths. Continue reading →

Footnotes Galore

Footnotes Galore! When I was a young, moist behind the ears A-level student, examining choices for university, I looked at the website for the School of Electronics and Computer Science, and saw that there were student blogs, written for the people, by the people. People in this instance [1], meaning students. So, I will quickly write what my past self [2] wanted to know. Computer Science is a broad subject with multiple different areas. Continue reading →

End of Exams

End of exams! It’s the end of exams! Yay! Whilst as first years they might not count towards our final degree classification, we all still wanted to do well and getting used to a new exam system is always daunting, so it’s a great relief now they’re over. And I don’t think they went too badly either, which is good. Logic and Maths were both fine, but there was a nasty surprise in our next paper, as it had been made 25% longer than in previous years, but in the same amount of time. Continue reading →

Upcoming Exams – Fast Forward!

Exams! I had my last lecture of the semester this morning, and that can only mean one thing – exams! Yes that’s right, fast forward to Monday afternoon and I’ll be sitting my first proper university exam, on Logic Circuit Design. I had a lot of grounding in this area from my A-level Electronics course, but I have been (pleasantly) surprised by the amount of interesting new material covered. Continue reading →