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July 2014

‘Mission Employable’ Away Day – Friday 11th July

On Friday 11th July , our self-titled ‘Mission Employable’ team ventured outside of our usual office for a project planning day! For those of you who don’t know, Avenue campus is made up of two buildings (65 and 65a); so in actual fact it wasn’t that much of an extravaganza – we just switched buildings! However, during our trip to building 65, we had the opportunity to present all the research we had undertaken so far. Continue reading →

Hello from James

Hi everyone, Following the three previous posts, I thought I would follow suit and use my first contribution to this blog to introduce myself and discuss my role in the development of the Humanities Employability Module to be rolled out to first year students in October. My name is James Tribe and I am about to enter my 4th and final year of study as a German and Spanish student here at the University of Southampton. Continue reading →

Hello from Verity!

Hi everyone! My name is Verity Smith. I graduated this month from the University of Southampton BA in History. I am currently on a summer internship at the University to create a Peer Mentoring scheme for Humanities undergraduate students, developing skills I acquired though my role as President of the History Society last year. The plan is this: the Peer …

Hello from Amber

Hello everyone! My name is Amber Dudley. I am a student of French at the University of Southampton and I have recently returned to the UK after having spent 9 months living, studying and working in Bordeaux, France as part of my third year abroad. This summer, I’m working as an intern within the Faculty of Humanities under the supervision of Dr Eleanor Quince. Along with my colleague James Tribe (who you’ll be hearing from soon!) I am developing an Employability module. Continue reading →

Hello from Dr Eleanor Quince

Hello all, My name is Dr Eleanor Quince and I am a lecturer in the History department, Faculty of Humanities, University of Southampton. I also have responsibility for the Faculty’s Employability Strategy, working across our seven academic disciplines, in my role as Humanities’ Director of Employability. This summer I am fortunate to have four amazing student interns working with me to help develop aspects of our employability activity for the next academic year. Continue reading →