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September 2014

The Final Week! An Update from Charlotte

Hello Everyone, What a busy few weeks we’ve had in the Mission Employable team! The module is nearly ready to launch, the fantastic BlackBoard site has been created for students by Amber and James, and Verity has chosen her mentors, matched them with their incoming mentees, and planned a training day for the Humanities’ societies Mentor Officers and all the mentors! As well as preparing for my forthcoming role as Peer Mentor Coordinator - which Verity mentioned in her post last week -... Continue reading →

A Mentor Welcome Letter

Hi all, In my previous post, I mentioned that Mentors have been emailing their mentees with Welcome Letters. Kindly, Lewis Brennen, a History Mentor, has allowed me to share his Welcome Letter with you all.  This is a perfect example of what Mentors are saying to Mentees, as a way of introduction! "Hi everyone! First off, I just want to say massive congratulations on getting into the University of Southampton to study history. Continue reading →

An Update on Humanities Peer Mentoring

The Mission Employable team are almost at the end of our internships with only one week left and Humanities Peer Mentoring has already begun! Once the details of the University of Southampton’s new students were accessible I began matching up these students, who are now mentees, into groups with two Mentors. The Mentors have all been emailed with the details of their new groups and instructions for their next steps. Continue reading →