Humanities Peer Mentoring

Kirstie Guildford, Humanities Peer Mentoring Coordinator 2016/17

If you are a Humanities student at the University of Southampton, then you will either have been a Peer Mentor or a Mentee at some point during your University career! Our Peer Mentoring Scheme is run by the students, for the students, and aims to make the transition into University study as smooth and friendly as possible.

All incoming Humanities students are allocated a pair of peer mentors from their discipline (with a secondary contact if they are joint honours) and these mentors look after a maximum of 15 first-year students each. You will meet your mentors for the first time during Induction/Freshers’ Week (Week 0).

For more information, whether you are a Mentee, Mentor, or Mentor Officer, please see the Humanities Peer Mentoring 2016/17 Pathbrite Portfolio: or email our Peer Mentoring Coordinator Kirstie Guildford:

Why did our students apply to be a Peer Mentor?
Why did our students apply to be a Peer Mentor?