During Summer 2014, Mission Employable – a team of 4 student interns as well as Dr Eleanor Quince – worked together to improve the Employability agenda within the Faculty of Humanities. This included the development of a zero-credit Employability module, the establishment of a peering mentoring scheme, and several other exciting new initiatives.

This blog aims to chart the activity of the student-led Mission Employable team, as well as illustrate how actively involved students are in curriculum change.  If you have any questions or queries regarding any of our projects, please do not hesitate to get in contact with anyone from Mission Employable. Please see below for e-mail addresses.

Dr Eleanor Quince E.M.Quince@soton.ac.uk (Project Lead)

Charlotte Medland C.J.Medland@soton.ac.uk (Humanities Employability Coordinator)

Kirstie Guildford K.A.Guildford@soton.ac.uk (Peer Mentoring Coordinator 2016/17)

Ellen Blacow E.S.Blacow@soton.ac.uk (Employability Module Intern 2016/17 – 1st & 2nd Years)

Elizabeth Oliver E.Oliver@soton.ac.uk (Employability Module Intern 2016/17 – Final Year)

Florence Angelo F.C.Angelo@soton.ac.uk (REALIE Editor 2016/17 – Residency Abroad and Employability)


Lewis Brennen L.J.Brennen@soton.ac.uk (Peer Mentoring Coordinator 2015/16)

Sophie Pitman S.E.L.Pitman@soton.ac.uk (Humanities Enterprise Champion 2015/16)

Cora Phillips (Employability Module Intern 2015/16 – now alum)

Bobbi Quinn (Employability Module Intern 2015/16 – now alum)

Amber Dudley (founder member – now alum)

Verity Smith (founder member – now alum)

James Tribe (founder member – now alum)

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