#HumsTopTips(16) is back!


On Friday 16th September from 10am-4pm, incoming Humanities students can search #HumsTopTips16 on Twitter to find a range of advice, guidance, and tips surrounding University life, and what to expect during the first few weeks!

This is an initiative led by Mission Employable’s Peer Mentoring Scheme, and is designed to help new Humanities students feel as prepared and confident as possible before they leave home for University. The advice will vary, from academic tips (e.g. encouraging students to invest in certain books or stationery) to more general knowledge surrounding University life. For example, one of last year’s tips suggested that new students invest in a pair of ‘Jesters’ shoes for going on certain nights out, which I am sure would be considered very worthwhile advice by most current students!

These tips will be written by continuing students and staff, so the incoming students have a wide pool of experience to draw from. Last year’s #HumsTopTips was very successful, and we hope to continue this trend! Don’t worry if you want to follow the hashtag but don’t have a Twitter account, you can search for it and see the results regardless.

Remember #HumsTopTips16 this Friday 16th, let’s get it trending!

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