Ellen’s Festival Volunteering Adventure!

Relaxing at the festival between shifts
Relaxing at the festival between shifts

Hi Everyone,

I have returned from volunteering with Festaff (https://www.festaff.co.uk/) for 6 days at Bloodstock Festival and thought I would share what a great opportunity it was and how Mission Employable was crucial to me finding it!

I am a regular Download festival goer, but (as most people know) festivals are pretty expensive even after you have paid for the ticket – there’s the survival kit, travel costs and eating at overpriced burger kiosks! As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I had been searching for opportunities to add to the newly revamped ‘Make the most out of University’ session for the HUMA1036 Employability Module, and stumbled across Festaff and the opportunity to work at Bloodstock for 16 hours in return for my ticket.

I was slightly apprehensive, partly because I had never worked or volunteered at a festival and also because Bloodstock was only 3 weeks away! After a little persuading, I got my friend from home to apply too and we both got accepted. The application process was surprisingly easy, a few basic competency questions, nothing too complex (and all stuff I knew through planning the Applications and Cover Letters session) and a small fee – most of which we got back after we had completed our shifts.

My friend and I quickly realised that working at festivals might be the way forward! First, we camped with the car – no trekking our belongings for miles across a field. Also, we met lots of new people who knew how to enjoy themselves but also understood the preciousness of sleep, and got to see (almost) all the bands we wanted to!

I have to admit, I wouldn’t be keen on working a festival if it was pouring with rain as I don’t feel that would make an 8-hour shift fun…. luckily we had scorching sunshine. I also missed the Friday headliner and it was their final UK show – however I got the whole weekend for free, so was willing to make some sacrifices!

Overall the work was pretty easy, everyone from punters to technicians was so friendly, and it was honestly such an excellent experience. Most of all, it showed me that there is a reason ‘carpe diem’ has stood the test of time…..I would recommend grabbing every opportunity with both hands!


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