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Open Access: Reflection

The topic of Open Access was very interesting and relevant to me currently as a student at University. I enjoyed researching open access and looking into why it is needed and the issue of who will cover the costs. From reading other blog posts I was able to gain further insight and knowledge on this topic. Tom’s post focused on the pros and cons similarly to me. However, he used the music industry as an example to illustrate the problem of plagiarism and giving content away for free. Continue reading →

Topic 5: Open Access

From my own personal experience creating reports and writing essays, I know too well the importance of open access and not being able to access a full journal articles when researching a topic. My info graphic displayed above gives an overview of what open access is, why it is used, who it benefits and who it doesn’t.  To fully understand open access I will be looking deeper into who open access benefits and the biggest challenge facing open access. Continue reading →

Catch Me If You Can!

  Identity theft is the fastest-growing type of fraud and a growing source of losses for banks as cyber criminals target the vast array of personal information. You see, giving your information freely out on the web can also make you a target and a possible victim of identity theft. I will be focusing on online personal identity theft and the negative affects it has on the user and businesses as well. Continue reading →

Reflection: Topic 3

From researching Topic 3 this week I have now understood different ways to establish an online profile how it can make an individual employable. From reading various blogs and watching a number of YouTube tutorials on online profiles, I decided to look deeply into the best ways of making an online LinkedIn profile as this is where 79% of employers use to recruit and post job ads. Continue reading →

Creating Online Professional Profiles

  I’m sure we can agree from my previous post, we would all like to keep our professional and personal lives separate as we have different identities within the two groups. Following on from that, I will be discussing the ways in which we can develop an authentic online professional profile. Having an authentic online profile can be time consuming to create, however if done correctly will make you as an individual more employable. Continue reading →