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Reflections: Five

This week’s topic was one I struggled with slightly, perhaps because I found it harder to agree with the opposing side to open access. Comments on my post definitely alerted me towards the benefits of paywalls, and whilst I can understand fully why a creator would want money to improve the quality and or quantity of content or research, I am a natural consumer in the situation and therefore my focus will be on consuming. Continue reading →

Who REALLY are you?

Do you wear the online mask? In an increasingly digitally driven age, our personal online identities essentially shape the way we interact within our society; they are our own personal gateways to socialising, networking and they are how we put our ‘best foot forward’ so to speak in order to display ourselves in the best light. They can be quick and easy tools to inform friends and family about upcoming events, birthdays, or even who you’re in a relationship with. Continue reading →

Reflections: One.

  The idea of ‘Digital Resident and Visitors’ has been a familiar concept to me. An example I used in my blog post about my parents points to a more everyday display of the differences that different generations may have, however on perhaps a more reflective level I often find myself engaging in conversation with others about the way that the technological world is developing, and whether or not it will leave our generation as the ‘immigrants. Continue reading →


It is fair to say that the use of technology differs across all groups of people, however the notion of a ‘digital resident’ or ‘digital visitor’ is one first expressed by Prensky. He even goes so far as to distinguish between the two as ‘natives’ and ‘immigrants’ representing young and old, respectively. This widely examined (and often unaccepted) critique is limited in that it is not so simple as to identify the young as technologically proficient and the old as inadequate. Continue reading →