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What’s this all about then? Pros and Cons of Paywalls: Online Newspapers

As an Economics undergraduate and frequent newspaper reader, I have decided to focus the question posed on the newspaper industry. “Newspaper economics used to be dead simple,” (Preston, 2014). The ways in which Newspapers generated revenue was two-fold: Receipts from the cover-price Payments from advertisers who used newspaper to host its advert. Over the last decade, the news industry has accelerated rapidly towards the digital world. Continue reading →

Topic 4 Summary #UOSM2033

Eva Carneiro, former Chelsea club doctor. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP   My Blog I decided to highlight the issue of discrimination in football. This topic was brought into the public eye over the past week as Eva Carneiro, the female, former Chelsea club doctor claimed to be the victim of sexism and more shockingly, death threats (Guardian, 2016). Being an avid football fan myself, I’m all too familiar with the shocking incidents of racism, homophobia and sexism that do appear. Continue reading →

Topic 3 Summary #UOSM2033

Image 1 – Source: Huffington Post The material in topic 3 was certainly more familiar to me than that covered in the previous two topics. This did not deter me from reading widely around the material beyond the sources covered in the suggested reading. I used information that I had learnt in August, when I began to build a more professional online profile for my use in the job application process. Continue reading →

What’s this all about then? Topic 3: Building a professional digital profile

Image 1 (BetterTeam) As a third year undergraduate, having a professional digital profile has certainly grown in importance recently. I have been applying for jobs over the last few months and having a professional digital profile is essential, if not, a requirement. So the first thing I had to do back in August was find out the best way to create a professional profile. My father said LinkedIn was a great place to start. Continue reading →

Topic 2 Summary #UOSM2033

The subject matter of Topic 2 was familiar to me before starting the this course but this not did stop me from wanting to learn more and I found using WordPress a marvelous way of sharing my first-hand experience with others. I hope I have shown an improvement from my first blog (especially in my use of media). Judging by the the number of (and quality of) the comments I received on my post, I am confident that my classmates also enjoyed my post. Continue reading →

What’s this all about then? Topic 2: Managing your online identity

  Online Identities, What’s this all about then? As defined by Oxford Dictionaries; an identity is ‘the characteristics determining who or what a thing or person is.’ In the ‘offline world’ these characteristics are relatively easy to identify, for example, one can see the hairstyle of somebody simply offline by merely looking at them, but online an avatar depicting someones face on their twitter may not be an accurate representation of themselves. Continue reading →