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Is Piracy Positive?

My comments looked into the disparity between different industries and how open access is different within both. I challenged Will, asking whether he saw the music and academia open access issues as being under the same umbrella. I also challenged Davina in the same way, with open access in academia being needed whereas in media it is less important. Continue reading →

All Aboard the Pirate Ship?

The movie industry is huge with the global box office making $38bn in 2016 (Statista, 2016). But there is this ‘underworld’ we are probably all part of, illegal online downloads. Pirate Bay, the biggest online site, was seeing 12m+ visitors a day in 2012 (Enigmax, 2012), and the practice has got bigger as cinema cost has risen. Below is a video explaining free movies online, created by me: Source. Continue reading →

Netflix vs Cinema

The world of cinema is slowly moving to the online world with the growth of sites such as netflix, the internet age is catching up with the world of cinema. Demonstrated in the video created by me: Source. With the world increasingly turning to the online world it seem that the world of cinema isn’t exempt either. The box office for cinemas around the world saw a 5.2% fall in revenue in 2014 globally despite the release of some major films like James Bond and Iron Man (Lang, 2014). Continue reading →

Has Privacy gone too Far?

In this modern world we are taught to private everything online and not let anyone have the excuse to expose you (Greenwald, 2014). However my question is how far is too far? Zac’s blog caught my eye this week. It was about the world of football and mainly focused on discrimination. I agreed with everything he said about sensitive issues and the way in which football fans conduct themselves. Continue reading →

Teachers Beware!

There was always excitement in school when someone found the social media profile of a teacher. It is a little window into their life that you don’t normally get to see, but ethically there can be issues that occur when a teacher has social media and it is used in the wrong way. Below is a video I created on teachers use of social media: Source. Teachers are increasingly becoming under pressure in the internet age with social media being a key part of that. Continue reading →

Are You Getting in the Way of You?

These days there is so much pressure on your social media profiles. You need to be authentic but you cannot be to maverick or out of line. So what is authenticity? How do you display that online? Below is a graphic I’ve created of how I believe authenticity looks using the minimalists blog post as brief guidance. From this you can see that the way to be authentic is to be true to yourself. Don’t let people influence you. Be you and make a decision and then act on that decision. Continue reading →

Forming One Identity?

We all possess multiple online identities. And I went into this topic thinking very much negatively, thinking of the extremes like catfishing and how people have the ability to play and toy with other peoples lives. And that was very much reflected in my post. Alice’s  comment on my post really highlighted that I hadn’t really given a chance to the positives that multiple online identities can have. Multiple online identities can be a good thing. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Online Identity, Is there More than Meets the Eye?

In this post I will be looking at the concept of online identity. This topic is interesting, because everyones online life is like an onion, in which there are many layers that form your overall identity. From Facebook, to your Google searches these all make up your online identity and define you in the online world. Your online identity is built up from what you look at and what you interact with while online. Continue reading →

Topic 1: Reflection

Topic 1 asked me to engage with Prensky’s digital native and immigrant theory and then the theory of resident and visitor. This topic really opened my eyes to the online world as I never really considered how I used the internet and made me really think about my personal use as well as that of the wider online world. I drew on the world of YouTube and that of Casey Neistat due to the ease of access and what to me was obvious that these theories still remain a little blurred. Continue reading →

Topic 1: What’s Your Online Personality?

Prensky in 2001 proposed a theory of digital native, those who grew up with the web, and immigrants, those who adapted to the web overtime, as clearly defined categories. However, I believe these categories are to specific and nobody can conclusively identify as ‘native’ nor a ‘immigrant’. Under Prensky’s  definition I would be considered a digital ‘native’. Continue reading →