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Final Reflection: Every End is a New Beginning… Goodbye #UOSM2033

Living and Working on the Web (UOSM2033) has been a flexible, unique, innovative and modernised way of learning. It requires no exam, no lectures and no essays! My experience of this module has been enjoyable and has potentially created a new blogging hobby. UOSM2033 has allowed me to explore a different set of skills and build upon my digital CV. The video below demonstrates my skills, developed during this module, using digital tools. Continue reading →

Reflective Summary: Topic 5 – ‘Open access can save lives’

The topic set this week caught my attention and realization on how vast open access is. Everyone expects to be able to access any information we want and tend to become frustrated if required to pay. However, instead of being shocked to pay for quality information, we should be grateful for the access we already have. The content we find is costly to the author and takes up their time and hard-work. It seems nowadays we are so accustomed to access, that we are now taking it for granted. Continue reading →

Topic 5: Open access can save lives.

Wiley’s video above defines open access as free immediate and available research articles online with free re-use rights. Slideshow 1: The slideshow gives a brief summary of the topic Open Access created by myself (Heer, 2016).  Click to view slideshow. Open access has been extremely beneficial to myself at university. Specifically, as I’m writing my dissertation. Already I have used over 30 various journals, publications and articles. Continue reading →

Reflective summary: Topic 4 – ‘Digital divide’

I appreciate the way all the topics set by our professors have tied together. Issues that arise with social media is a topic that has been lightly touched upon in my previous blog posts. Therefore, I really enjoyed have the chance to talk in more detail about one of the many issues. I found that there was a wide range of issues talked about between my peers. From identity theft to cyber-bullying to losing integrity and discrimination. Continue reading →

Topic 4: Digital Divide

Digital divide is ‘the existence of gaps in society between those who use technology and those who don’t’ (Ball, 2011). VIDEO 1 : What is Digital Divide?  The cause of the issue is the unequal access to technology which includes one’s ability to own technology as well as the ability to keep it up-to-date. This reason is driven by economics or an individual’s financial standing. Continue reading →

Reflective summary: Topic 3 – ‘Marketing yourself online’

I thoroughly enjoyed the topic set this week as it gave me the chance to re-evaluate my own social profiles and presented a platform to share my advice, tips and experience in developing a professional digital profile. This week, I commented on Tobie’s blog as he mentioned the blogging medium to not play a huge part in recruiting. As this is module is based on blogging, I thought it was vital to get an opinion on the best way to advertise our blogs for recruiters to see. Continue reading →

Marketing yourself online

Nowadays, when applying for a job, it’s not as simple as just sending a CV to the firm, it also entails your interaction online and how you market yourself on different platforms. If you’re offered a job, it not only becomes how you market yourself but also the company you represent. Recruiters also use social media for advertising jobs, firm branding, answering questions, and much more. Don Tapscott explores the difference in the old style recruitment process versus the new online style. Continue reading →

Topic 2: Hidden, fake or multiple online identities?

  I find the words of online identity being described as the ‘best version of ourselves’ and ‘becoming a brand more than a personality’ said by Chase, from the above video, to be very powerful. It opens up the issues of the fact users are becoming controlled online increasingly, as we not only want to fit into the society we live in but also the world wide web. Continue reading →

Reflective summary: Topic 1 – ‘Visitors Vs Residents’

This has been my first time writing a blog and I even tweeting on Twitter after a very long time! It is enjoyable to be able to express my views on the Web based on the topic set by our Tutors, however, it came with some hurdles as I experienced technical difficulties with my blog being uploaded to the main UOSM2033 page. This meant I was unable to receive comments/feedback from my peers of my blog post but I was still able to read and compare with their blogs. Continue reading →