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Signing Off on UOSM 2033 – The Last Post?

When reflecting on this module, the main question I felt I had to ask myself was, how has this module changed the way I use the web? Somewhat oddly, I found that it was not as much as I had expected, However I found there to be good reason for this and I also realised I had learnt a huge amount about myself why I use the internet the way I do in both my working and professional life, as the Slideshow below demonstrates. Continue reading →

Topic 5 – The Final Reflection!

  The Breadth of topic 5 has provided no end of material to discuss. Whilst I chose to focus my research on paywalls in the magazine industry, A quick scroll through the module home page shows the broad range of subjects one could have chosen to undertake for the final topic of the module. Given the choices associated with this topic, I was able to find one that interested me greatly and since publishing my main post, I have been able to research the subject further. Continue reading →

Topic 4 – Big Blue Tick for our Online Celebrities?

Social media platforms have a great many uses – one of the more recent of these is the ability for the common person to follow their heroes on idols on sites such as twitter and Facebook, in order to keep up to date as best as possible with the lives of the rich and famous. Naturally, the places the latter group under a great deal of scrutiny – far more than any run of the mill social media user. Continue reading →

Topic 3: Reflection

This topic has been by far the most enlightening and, consequently, my favourite topic to date. This is due to a multitude of reasons; Primarily, I found the topic to be very relevant to my personal life. As a third year, it goes without saying that the idea of gainful employment is becoming increasingly pressing and the possibility of furthering one’s chances of securing a job is therefore very appealing. Continue reading →

Topic 2 – Online Identity – Are we Ourselves on the Internet?

The concept of online identity is immediately relatable to idea of identity itself. As such, in order discuss the positive and negative aspects of having multiple online identities it is of paramount importance to first ascertain what is meant by β€˜identity’. According to the Oxford English dictionary, Identity can be defined as, β€˜the fact of being who or what a person or thing is’. Continue reading →