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Intellectual Bad-Ass

I'm off on a first aid course tomorrow for my Jiu-Jitsu club. Should be interesting and I have done some basic DR. ABC before (though it's probably more like DRY. ABRCDEZ... now). Also teaching freshers (and 4th-years) some Jitsu which is giving me the opportunity to practice my ability to explain things in plain English and to demonstrate that I'm an intellectual bad-ass. Some good news: I've been offered a gig up in my hometown of Bristol. Continue reading →

Stag’s Head Karaoke

Stag's Head Karaoke As usual, last Thursday I headed down to the Stag's Head on Campus for Karaoke. Mark (our DJ) was already there with John from Entz and I decided to give them a hand (I always have done, and it's good fun). Mark told me he'd bought some new discs for the system. The next question was how to import them. Courtesy of a little research I'd done just before Christmas, I knew of PyKaraoke and more importantly, cdgtools. Continue reading →