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Christmas Holidays 2010

I’m typing this at home, on a new Samsung netbook, surrounded by great food and family and just watched a great English team retain The Ashes in Australia – it’s been a very good week to say the least! After a successful but hectic year it’s been really nice to have a little break from it all and recharge my batteries before it all starts again in 2011. Before I sign off for 2010 though, I first must tell you about my exciting December. Continue reading →

Snow, ethics and the ability to blag

Snow, ethics and the ability to blag It has been an interesting week which was initially dominated by the snowfall and the disruption that it caused. There was never any question of putting my feet up and using the abject weather conditions as an excuse - a simple case of far too work to do. As I'd be holding back on a day off from work, I had no problem with getting involved in the snowman construction - Man with shovel, will travel - on the Thursday. Continue reading →