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Group Design Project

I’ve blogged a lot recently about everything that’s happened to me outside my degree (well, actually that’s not quite true, I’ve not really blogged a lot recently, oops) so I think it’s only fair that I take a look again at what goes on inside the hallowed walls of ECS. This term I have been super-busy with the Masters Group Design Project, or GDP as it’s affectionately (?) known. Continue reading →

Second Year is Hectic

So although I’m already a second year, this is my first blog for you all to read! I’m studying the ITO course… and I cannot believe how hectic life has become since last year!! Gone are the days of feeling free and being able to go out any night of the week  We have another C# module this term, it’s literally the most miserable part of the whole week!! We’ve been keeping each other going during the labs with mountains of chocolate and sweets :P I would definitely recommend any... Continue reading →

The Project Sandwich

Project Sandwich Different supervisors have different aspirations for the students they work with. Whereas I have the relative luxury of a hands-off supervisor who steps in when needs be, there are others who run to a tight timetable. One of my fellow students was asked to complete his report in draft form before the start of the Easter holiday. With my project in its current state, I would find such a request difficult to fulfil. Continue reading →