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Exam Results Being Returned Next Week… Tense Moments

It's been a good while since my last blog entry so I thought I would delight you with an update! So Christmas has been and gone which meant a nice piece of programming coursework which I thoroughly enjoyed writing. The two weeks after the Christmas break marked the end of semester one, which can only mean one thing... Exams! Being my first set of formal exams at university I didn't really know what to expect and more importantly how much revision to do. Continue reading →

Hurray! Exam results are out!

Hurray! Exam results are out! Well, I am very happy. I have been really tense all those three weeks after the exams. On the results day, I could hardly wait to get to university. I turned my laptop on as soon as I reached Portswood and kept it in sleep mode all the way. By the time students were getting off on the high campus bus stop, I had “resumed” it and connected to the Internet. Continue reading →