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Snow! Deadlines! Poverty!

Snow! Deadlines! Poverty! That pretty much sums up everything that has happened since my last blog. The weather, as of writing, is snowy leaning towards icy, which has had the rather lovely knock-on effect of a four-day weekend! Took long enough for the snow to make its way down the country to us, heh. Deadlines are horrible, but I don’t have any left now, so my weekend is truly free. Aside from all the regular work. Bah. Continue reading →

Credit Crunch

Overhyped by the media or not, there can now be no denying that we are in the midst of a financial crisis, or ‘credit crunch’ to use the term in vogue. I witnessed this for myself yesterday. You may remember me posting in my second blog way back in October (or if you don’t, scroll down a bit!) that the University’s Science and Engineering Careers Fair was awash with placement opportunities, even for us as first years. Continue reading →

IET Ambition and Achievement Awards

Money is a major issue when it comes to university, but there are opportunities available to get support from companies and other organisations. I applied for a scholarship from the IET which initially entailed copious form-filling and writing many UCAS-style personal statements. After a few months I was fortunate to find I was one of the 20 selected to attend interview from an initial batch of around 400. The interview was tough but I was happy with how it went. I’d just have to wait and see. Continue reading →