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New Beginnings

Hello world. Over the period of the next three years, I will be posting in this little space, with (hopefully) useful insights of university life. I was born and bred in Singapore, a little country in south-eastern Asia. Climatically speaking, Singapore is hot all year round - as compared to Southampton, which is freezing (by my standards) at the moment. Journey to the UK took a killer 18 hours. That's how far away from home i am... Continue reading →


Introductions. I’ve probably done more introductions in my first week at Southampton than I’ve done in my life, and frankly, they’re not getting any more interesting. Hi! I’m Yusra, embarking on my four-year electronic-engineering ‘journey’ at ECS. (Also, now is a good time to warn you that this entry will probably be long). Normally, I hate beginnings, starting new sounds a lot better on paper than it really is. Continue reading →