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#5 – Back to Uni!

#5 - Back to Uni! So, I've just started back at uni. Second year promises to be insanely hard, but it should be good fun. I'm happy that I get to see all my friends again, and it means I finally have something to do! Woohoo. I've been so bored these last few months. Finding a summer job is impossibly difficult, but, and here's some pretty big news, I actually have a freaking job! Woohoo! I'm working as a Barman in the Student Union. Continue reading →

Looking back – looking forward

Now that my time in Spain is coming to an end, I thought it might be a good time to share more of the overall experience. We have a new placement student fresh out of school working with us this week. Having been officially at the lowest rung on the company ladder for over a year, the role reversal is intriguing. I've been providing support and teaching processes over the last few days and can finally see just how far I have come since I first arrived, equally naïve of what the job involved. Continue reading →

Its All Go. Job, Exams and Coursework

Okay, it's 00:34, and I've just finished revising for a module test tomorrow. Suddenly the nice slow paced start to life at university has sped up to a run, and things are starting to take off. I've got a job (that was advertised through an email to ECS students), and I've just applied for another job as well. Exams are just around the corner, and coursework marks from last term are imminent. Continue reading →