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The End of the Semester Hit Me Quite Hard

Well, back after a long time away from the blog. Why? Holidays and exams. The end of the semester hit me quite hard, I went on holidays planning on revising for the exams and doing coursework, and truth is I tried, but it didn’t happen. Therefore, by the time I got back everything was on top of me. Luckily it worked out quite well, I ate, drank and breathed books and Java and finally got through it. Continue reading →

Nerdy Specialist Banter

My first day at work in ECS Helpdesk consisted of mostly nerdy specialist banter*, though I did manage to help a student who couldn't log on to a Mac for some unknown reason. Also whilst I was 'off-duty', I helped one of my friends who had just happened to pick the only faulty monitor in the room - it turns out it was a bad VGA cable, which Toby and I replaced promptly. Continue reading →

Cup of Java anyone?

Three weeks in, and it's time to scribble a few more thoughts. I've just got back into my room in halls from doing everyone's washing up, while they've all gone away for the weekend. Just Dan, one of my flatmates, and myself this weekend, so it's quiet in halls and I can think about the blog post. The course is slowly but steadly progressing, and it's beginning to teach me a few things. Continue reading →


It's almost an unwritten code of conduct that most blogs need to start with a variety of quotes, such as: "I cannot believe it has been almost three weeks!" or "It's been really crazy*, but really fun!" or even some sort of nerdy programming quote that only people who are Computer Scientists would actually get. If I was writing one of these nerdy jokes to introduce my first blog post, then it would probably be based on some sort of "POST http/1.1" reference. Continue reading →

Programming Modules

So I make it about time for another overdue entry... I'm now approaching the end of semester 2, which is the end of the first year - how crazy is that!! The second semester has been much more Computer Science based, even though I'm a Software Engineer I'm on the Comp Sci course for the first few years. I've especially enjoyed the Advanced Programming module (COMP1003) on Java and the courseworks have really progressed my Java skills. Continue reading →