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Graduation Time

So, as I said in my last blog I had my graduation this week, and what a day it was! We were in the first ceremony of the day at a not too onerously sounding 9:30am, but given the amount of formalities that had to be completed first it actually meant a very early start, despite my family and I travelling down the day before and spending the night at the Highfield Hotel. Continue reading →

Nearly Time for Graduation!

In a couple of hours I will be heading off to Southampton for the last time (well, for now at least) for my graduation ceremony tomorrow morning. I’m really excited, but enough about that for now – I’ll write a full blog on it later once it’s actually happened! Instead, today I just plan to fill you in on various things that have happened since finishing my exams. Continue reading →

Final Post

I will not pretend that this last year has been a bed of roses. Having been given a torrid time of it would be a much better description. A combination of outside pressures and some initial academic injustices put me in the position in questioning why I was still here. However, life is not about the battles you choose to fight, but rather it is about those battles that you have no choice other than to fight them. Continue reading →

Graduation Ceremony, Christmas and New Years Eve

"We hope you will not forget us....pause.....and If you become rich or very rich...Pause.... we will not forget you." This was the sentence said by the Chancellor of the University of Southampton at the graduation ceremony on 17th Dec 2008, which provoked laughter in the audience. The graduation ceremony went well (though unexpectedly...:)), due to a number of factors which made it an awesome event of my life. First of all the weather was very sunny (Thank GOD no more freezing cold). Continue reading →