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Glen Eyre

It’s cold in here!

Mountbatten down the hatches - it's cold in here! I'll admit it, the title's cheesy, but it was necessary. With temperatures below freezing much of the time, and snow and ice everywhere, it was a miracle that everyone made it to lectures over the past few days - but they did! Glen Eyre Road was more like Glen Eyre Ski Slope, and campus more like Southampton Ice Rink, but I think everyone enjoyed it all the same. Continue reading →

Term is done!

Well that was quick. I know this term is only just over two months long - but it would seem that once you get started at University, you lose all sense of time. This applies to, one, being horribly late for lectures, two, coursework deadlines, three, to how long you've actually known the people around you (it seems like forever a lot of the time), and finally four, to how long you've been here. Continue reading →