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Fourth Year


Introductions. I’ve probably done more introductions in my first week at Southampton than I’ve done in my life, and frankly, they’re not getting any more interesting. Hi! I’m Yusra, embarking on my four-year electronic-engineering ‘journey’ at ECS. (Also, now is a good time to warn you that this entry will probably be long). Normally, I hate beginnings, starting new sounds a lot better on paper than it really is. Continue reading →

First Blog

As this is my first blog, I would like to keep it short and interesting rather than oversized and boring. At some point a few months ago, I found myself digging within this student blog trying to get some answers, trying to understand what was coming, trying to be prepared; and I have to say that it was very helpful, especially because I got the answers I was looking for. Continue reading →

Fourth Year…

So here I am at the start of four years in Southampton. And the first week and a half have been more eventful than I could have thought. Living in halls is a great experience, and the best part is being completely self-sufficient. Before coming here I had never done my own washing (Mum’s job), cooked for myself properly (Mum’s job), or had to think about money so much (also Mum’s job). Continue reading →