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Enigma Machine

Reflecting on First Semester

I'm back at home for the christmas holidays. Now I can reflect on the first term and what a fantastic time I had! As you might expect, it was a time of trying and testing many things. The most enjoyable part of the first term was creating a simulation of an Enigma Machine. Plugging all the parts together correctly so that I could decode the first message was such a rewarding moment. The trick to getting it right was apparently to do enormous amounts of testing. Continue reading →

Getting started: Part 2

In my last post I've focused mostly on my getting accustomed to uni life, which went far better than I expected it to. But of course that is only half of the story. I came to ECS, like most of the people in my course, to study. To be honest in the first couple of weeks I found myself learning mostly maths (discrete maths being the most terrifying module of the entire course so far) and a bit of self-study web development for coursework. Continue reading →