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My 3 favorite projects in computer science at ECS

Over my four years at ECS, I've been involved in a large number of coursework projects, of many different kinds, ranging from the basic essay to creating three dimensional worlds. Many have been enjoyable, many have been stressful, and a lot have been both at the same time. There are some projects that really stood out for me though, projects that in consequent years I wished I was doing again (and sure I will do in the future). Continue reading →

The Corkboard is filled with Random Bits of Paper

On the wall above my desk, is a large cork-board. One half of this currently has on it a random jumble of bits of paper including my lecture timetable, a map of the university, the passcode for my wireless internet, and a picture of Prince William on a motorbike cut out of the Metro. The other side is my Quote Wall, a veritable library of amusing, interesting, or thought-provoking sentences I've heard members of the human race come out with. Continue reading →