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#3 – End of year 1

#3 - End of year 1 So my first year is officially over. I’ve finished all my exams, and now I have nothing academic to do until September or October. It’s a weird feeling, having nothing to do, though I’ve not really got nothing to do. I have to look for a job, I have to pack my life into boxes to move into my new house, and I have to sort out transferring bills and everything into my name for when that happens. But for now, I can just reminisce about my first year. I loved it. Continue reading →

Getting Ready for the Exam Period

I'm writing this in the middle of the Easter break. The draft timetable has come out and suddenly it's evident that the end of the academic year is approaching quick. In fact, I needed to remind myself it was April. The exam period begins at the end of May. As with all exam periods, this could be a little stressful, so I intend on getting the work in over Easter and hopefully not finish the term in a mad rush. Campus is relatively quiet as you would expect. Continue reading →