What can happen if you go to a Mission Employable Alumni Panel……

Engsoc committee at the Employability event 2016
Engsoc committee at the Employability event 2016

It is incredible how talking to one person at an event organised by Engsoc and Mission Employable benefited me.

Four alumni speakers were put on the panel, each with a few minutes to tell us about their current jobs and how they transitioned from a fresher, to a graduate and then to the successful jobs they have landed now. What struck me was not only their enthusiastic words about their university experience, but also the transferable skills they had gained from their degree and used in their respective workplaces.

At the reception afterwards, in between nibbling crisps, I managed to speak to one particular panellist called Maddie. She had a career in Marketing – something that I am keen to know more about. Our friendly conversation resulted in her giving me her contact details, and subsequently I was lucky enough to gain some work experience at her company, Oxford Learning Solutions.

I completed this experience a week ago and am very happy. It is amazing what happens if you just put yourself out there. I am incredibly grateful to Maddie for helping me learn all about the company: from market research to comparing apps, I received the most valuable experience. I genuinely enjoyed all the tasks I was given and it gave me a real insight into the type of work that goes into competitor analysis.

If I was to give any advice to other students at the university, I would 100% recommend making full use out of all the amazing opportunities Southampton offers. From career fairs to employability talks I have managed to get both work experience AND an internship! It can be a tedious process trawling through everything that is available, but it is definitely worthwhile when you find that special something that interests you!

Do not hesitate to get involved in events at the university and appreciate all the opportunities you can as a student!

Fran Carasco, Second Year Student

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