Contributing to the Blog

We actively encourage all past and present postgraduate researchers at WSA to contribute articles and news for the site. We also welcome contributions from staff, visiting speakers and guests connected with the programme. Please look at current content on the blog to get an idea of the type of materials and style of writing suitable for the site. Please also consider the following guidelines:

Making it Visual
When submitting your writing, please try to include some visual materials. The blog is designed to include a ‘feature image’, which can be displayed on the front page of the blog. This works best with a high-quality, bold image. You can also include further illustrations in the main body of the text.

Events & Research Activity
If you are involved in any research-related events we can include a specific post, accessed from the Events tab. You can initially write a post to help promote your event. Afterwards, the post can remain as part of the events archive. You can make further edits and additions to the post as suits. So, for example you may have photos or further text generated from the event itself that you can add to the post. Events may include School or University-based workshops, talks, and exhibitions. Alternatively, you may be presenting your own research at a conference, exhibition or workshop external to the University. We welcome reports and accounts on all activities related to your research.

Seminars & Talks
You are encouraged to contribute short articles and reflective writing following PhD seminar sessions and/or workshops, conferences, and guest lectures that take place at WSA. In addition to the PhD Seminar series, these may include the Global Futures lecture series, Staff Seminar events and any other research activities.

You are also welcome to submit brief research articles and reflections. This is an opportunity to share elements of your research to a wider audience. Following the completion of a key chapter, article, or conference presentation, for example, you might consider writing a short, accessible précis of the work to allow the wider research community to read about your work.

Links, References and Tags
In keeping with the medium of the blog, please try to supply relevant links that can be embedded in the blog post. These can be links to related articles, video clips and project websites. The blog template includes a specific style for displaying quotes (which can be particularly effective for long quotes). As with all good scholarly practice, please do include relevant references, which might be included as hyperlinks and/or a bibliography at the end of the entry. Please also supply a list of keywords that can be used to tag the entry with others on the site. This is particularly important as the site content grows to provide effective means to search all content and to provide alternative ways to curate and access material.

Promoting your Article
Once your post appears on the blog please feel free to promote it online. You can include the #WSA hashtag on Twitter, and/or connect with WSA directly via FacebookTwitter and the School’s Centre for Global Futures Facebook. Can can also use the WSA PGR Seminar group Facebook to encourage conversation about your post.