User experiences in design, interactive design, and inclusive design

PhD Seminar Series, 22 November 2023

This week, we embark on an exploration into the area of home living experiences for individuals aged 65 and above. This seminar will deliver a multidimensional research method aimed at observing the multi-needs of the living room for older people, a space of profound significance within the context of everyday life, comfort, and wellbeing. Throughout this seminar, Shan will traverse the landscape of ethnographic research, employing a nine-week study encompassing video observations, in-depth interviews, and the insightful culture probe research method. Beyond the area of the ethnographic observation, Shan will talk about creative innovation and inclusive design thinking theories to envision a future home design with the diverse needs and aspirations of our elderly population.

Moreover, Shan will share a collaborative endeavour between academia and industry, talk about a mini knowledge exchange research project she recently did. Together, we’ll explore avenues to amplify the impact of research collaborations in the future, create more conversations between academic insights and real-world application. Lastly, we invite you to share your insights, perspectives, and ideas on how to enrich and refine ongoing PhD research projects.


1) 14:00-14:30 Exploration of Home Living Experiences for the Elderly

2) 14:30-15:00 Interactive Activity

3) 15:00-15:30 Mini KE UX Research Project and reflections on research collaboration and impact

4) 15:30-16:00 Discussion about amplifying the impact of your research in the future

Dr Shan Wang is a Lecturer in Design Management whose current research is focused on home environments for the ageing population and UX research/design for digital products. She is also the Early Career Researcher representative for the Design Department at WSA.