Tentacular Networking: Making Meaningful Entanglements

PhD Seminar Series, 1 November 2023

Structure: Workshop

  • 5min ice-breaker + 20 mins talk, 10 mins Q&A
  • 30 mins activity + break
  • 30 mins sharing
  • 10 mins cooling down + next steps
© Flora McGowan

Kai Syng Tan (PhD PFHEA @kaisyngtan)’s research is interdisciplinary with different strands. She was submitted for the REF with three sets of three/four star practice-led portfolios around running studies (exploring and facilitating programmes on running as an arts and humanities discourse); disability arts (as co-lead for a £4.8m opening/closing ceremonies of Asia’s Paralympics), an art-psychiatry investigation into the constructs of ‘normality’. These strands are coming together through their current research and teaching (including via three books as author/co-editor) to re-claim ‘leadership’ through the prisms of neuro-queering, anti-oppression, futurity and creativity. Her current research also relates to her teaching of the MA Arts & Cultural Leadership, both of which relate to her ongoing research in creative and decolonial pedagogy (for which they were awarded PFHEA and nominated for the National Teaching Fellowship).