Speculative Textiles + Building a Martian House

PhD Seminar Series, 15 November 2023

This week’s PhD Seminar with be an artists’ talk + Q&A, featuring special guest Anurita Chandola (Bristol, Reading).

Anurita is a fashion and textiles designer with 9 years’ industry experience. She is currently working on various projects related to spacewear and space textiles (Profile here: https://www.anuritachandola.com/). She is also a teacher also through Eesh, a brand that aims to train and support Himalayan women in sustaining and promoting their work.
She will be talking to us in this session about creating textiles and clothing for future space travellers. She was recently working on a Martian Habitat called Building a Martian House project that was a prototype of an actual house suitable for Mars. This was situated in M Shed Square, Bristol, UK, and she was leading the textiles and the clothing for this project. Her work represents a convergence of two worlds, where the infinite possibilities of space exploration intersect with sustainable practices
that have been followed for generations.