Mohd Shahril Bin Rusman

Effects of atmospherics on children shopping experience

Today’s retailers and shopping centre managerial face a great challenge in providing a highly competitive shopping experience to their evolving customer demand. One way of doing this is through the uniqueness of their shopping atmospherics. Studies show that surrounding affects customer in various ways- their shopping behaviour, time spent in store and the amount of purchase. In other scenario, busy lifestyle leads customer to visit shopping centre to fulfil both their hedonic and utilitarian shopping values. Today, shopping centre has evolved widely from just an all-under-one-roof retail venue into a vast leisure space for family. However, scholars have found out that children are often uninterested with shopping activity due to several reasons; less attention paid to them, incompetent in-store entertainment provided and also caused by negative experience involving retail personnel. As a reflection, the presence of children while shopping could lead to both positive and negative shopping experience. With this call, this research aims to investigate the effects of atmospherics on children experience during shopping activities.