Drawing Together

Drawing Together
A Participatory Outdoor Drawing Event

Saturday 17 October 2015
11am – 1pm
Venue: Discovery Centre, Winchester

Through the medium of chalk and shadows Drawing Together brings people together in a shared act of drawing. Visitors to the Discovery Centre are invited to draw together as a means to draw ourselves together if only fleetingly, just as our shadows are mere fleeting images of ourselves. This act of drawing upon the ground of the city in which we live and work is intended to mark a temporary reflection of ourselves as individuals and as a community.


  1. Use chalk provided to trace the outline of the shadows of people around you as they form on the paved area outside of the Discovery Centre. Feel free to trace as many shadows as you like and do not worry about lines overlapping.
  2. Provide your name and address to the event organizers if you wish to receive a postcard of the finished work.
  3. Please feel free to post your own photos and videos of the drawing as it develops. Use hashtag #chalkshadows to share your images & comments with Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook.


Organized by Cheng-Chu Weng & Sunil Manghani
Drawing Together is supported by Winchester School of Art (University of Southampton) and is an event for 10 Days CHALK, Winchester’s biennial, interdisciplinary, arts festival.