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The third-year project journey

Though we had heard about it and had friends who had completed the same in previous years, I don’t think my colleagues and I were completely sure of what to expect from the third year project experience.  We were sure of one thing though; it was going to be a whole new experience matched by none other we had encountered thus far in our degree. For sure, it would involve - as does everything else in ECS - a lot of hard work and “(wo)man hours”. Continue reading →

What I Did This Summer: Part I

There was a long period over the summer where I didn't write a blog entry, and it all stems from what I spoke about in my June entry: my 9-month report! What happened was that I worked fairly heavily on it during June to get it completed for the end of the month. During this time my supervisor, Hugh, was off sick for a while, though from my perspective this let me knuckle down and really get some writing done. Continue reading →