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I’ve finally started my year-long work placement at IBM

I've finally started my year-long work placement at IBM, and my life's had such a change in format it could easily flesh out a moderately large essay so I'll do my best to summarise everything that's happened here. Firstly (can't remember if I mentioned this whole process before), I had to go to apply online - an extremely long, boring and complicated trek involving copious amounts of personal data entry and various IQ-style tests. Continue reading →

University Eve

University Eve I write on the eve of another university year. Freshers week has passed and was an opportunity to get back to see friends after the summer period. Even in the age of IM and Facebook, going down the pub reigns supreme. In amongst the relaxed air of relative freedom, I detect a more sombre mood as the experience of the second's year graft has sunk in, with the majority expecting a repeat performance to maintain their marks. Continue reading →

Interview with IT Innovation at Chilworth Science Park

I had the interview with IT Innovation at Chilworth Science Park today. It was quite a nice day out; lovely weather and beautiful surroundings. I arrived 45 minutes early (the company I booked the taxi with told me to get a taxi at 2pm if I wanted to guarantee getting there for 3pm). Having loads of time spare, I had a wonder around the site and it really was gorgeous. Plenty of trees and green space. Continue reading →