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Five great things about being an ECS student

Five great things about being an ECS student So… I’m about halfway through my first semester, and the fact that I’m only now sitting down and writing my first entry must say a lot about how busy I am, and how much of a great time I’m having here in Southampton! Instead of writing a fairly standard article about how brilliant Southampton and ECS are academically (which they really are: check out the rest of the website if you don’t believe me), I’m really trying to write more... Continue reading →

Playing with emerging web technologies

During the last week I've been playing with some of the emerging Web technologies that aim to make the Internet a more interesting place over the next few years. I've just finished redesigning my ECS Web site with HTML5 and a little bit of clever CSS, partly to see what can be achieved in a modern browser and partly to see if I could build a really simple content management system (CMS) in PHP without using a database or a web-based front-end. Continue reading →