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Exam : Holidays :: Bread : Butter

Two weeks back the cloud of examinations loomed over the University of Southampton. The parties stopped, the games were paused and the library was over-booked. An extremely serious atmosphere prevailed in the University as I sat and wrote my first semester exams. For me these exams were different. The way I studied for them was very different to methods I used while studying for an exam in school. Being engineers we aren’t restricted to a syllabus. Continue reading →

Holiday at last!

Holiday at last. Well, almost. I’m back at my parents’ house a little early this year to help out with a radio play my dad is staging. The fact that I just said “staging” should be raising a few eyebrows. My dad is trying to recreate all the fun/insanity of watching a radio play being recorded live, including microphones, multiple parts, and that silly person knocking cups together to do the “live effects”. (That silly person, in this case, being me. Continue reading →

You know you’re an engineer when: You start to scare yourself …

You know you’re an engineer when: You start to scare yourself ... I’m standing in a small metal cabin. I’m at Val Thorens, in the French Alps, as are the couple of dozen strangers who stand and sit around me. We all wear cold-weather clothing: hats of various shapes, scarves or neck-warmers, boots, gloves, waterproof trousers and windproof jackets. Some of us wear sunglasses. Continue reading →