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Knowing When To Stop…

Knowing when to stop is an art-form in itself. This weekend has been spent doing very little which is work related. That is not to say that I have not been thinking about the project, but it certainly has not involved writing any of the report, drawing any design or banging out any code. I had found myself in the position of being completely unmotivated and agitated by any change of direction. Continue reading →

A question of ethics

My aim has been to write a blog weekly, but there is a limitation to the amount of verbal output I can achieve in one week (I accept that this may come as a shock to my parents and a fair few people I know). My primary occupation recently has been the development of a questionnaire., as I need first-hand data to draw conclusions in addition to those that I have drawn from research. Naturally this involves humans, and anything that involves humans involves a submission to the ethics committee. Continue reading →