The RSS feature in Panopto allowed you to download videos for offline playback (that’s where you don’t need internet access). This feature is still available in the new look Panopto area of Blackboard, but has moved.

Previously the RSS link was at the bottom of the list of videos

A Panopto area of blackboard with lists of videos and an RSS icon at the bottom of the page

The old location for an RSS feed (click to enlarge)

Now the RSS icon is in the top right hand corner. You will have to click on the icon to see the drop down list shown in the picture below.

A panopto area of blackboard. An RSS icon in the top right has a drop down menu coming from it which is highlighted in red

RSS feeds are now in the top right of the Panopto area of Blackboard (click to enlarge)

Important note: If tutors do not wish for you to download recordings they may have chosen to disable this feature on a course by course basis. If you do not see the icon you may need to ask your tutor for the file, or request that they re-enable the podcast feed. The feed is enabled by default.