On 1 September 2015 Google withdrew support for NPAPI plugins such as Silverlight, Java, and Unity.

Services that use those technologies will no longer work with Google Chrome. The Microsoft Edge browser also does not support NPAPI plugins.

Below is a list of iSolutions services of which we are aware of an impact and how they will be affected.

The workaround is to use Internet Explorer or Firefox.

How to install Firefox on a University UDE computer: http://www.southampton.ac.uk/isolutions/computing/elearn/blackboard/installfirefox.html


Those who use Chrome/Edge with Panopto will no longer be able to upload or edit videos. Watching videos is not affected. Staff who use the Panopto Recorder will also not be affected.

If you wish to upload or edit Panopto videos using web browser, use Firefox or Internet Explorer.

See http://support.panopto.com/documentation/general/chrome-and-silverlight for more information.



Media files that require NPAPI support cannot be played with web browsers that do not support NPAPI

Workaround: upload the media file to the streaming service http://www.southampton.ac.uk/isolutions/essentials/media/ and embed into Blackboard, or use a web browser that supports NPAPI plugins (Internet Explorer / Firefox)


WebEQ equation editor content imported form a WebCT or Angel VLE will not render in browsers that do not support NPAPI

Workaround: recreate the equation using the Blackboard web interface.


SCORM content loaded into Blackboard before June 2012 does not render in browsers that do not support NPAPI.

Workaround: upload the content again, Since July 2012 Blackboard no longer requires Java to playback SCORM content. Alternatively use a browser that supports NPAPI content.


Course Files – Drag and Drop multiple file upload does not work in browsers that do not support NPAPI

Workaround: use Internet Explorer or Firefox, or create a zip file of the files and choose “upload zip package”

See http://www.southampton.ac.uk/isolutions/computing/elearn/blackboard/coursefiles.html


Java-based Virtual Classroom / Lightweight chat cannot be opened with a browser that does not support NPAPI

Workaround: use Internet Explorer or Firefox or use Adobe Connect instead.