If you’ve been using Blackboard as long as I have your My Courses box is probably rather long.  It has always been possible to hide courses but we have recently enabled a new feature called “terms”.

Terms allows courses to be given a heading put into a grouping which can be expanded, collapsed, and moved within the My Courses box.  Most Universities are using academic years and we have enabled this for modules 2010-11 and newer.  We have also added a few headings for the Faculty of Medicine to help to organise their arbitrary courses.

Enabling the viewing and organisation of terms in the My Courses box can only be done individually right now, so taking into account how useful this feature is likely to be I have made a video to show our less technically confident colleagues how easy it is to do.

Full instructions are as always available on our website:

Customising “My Courses”


I hope to find time to put together a few more videos looking at some other features over the next months.

Topics I have in mind are:

  • Using the batch enrol tool to add large numbers of students to your arbitrary course
  • Opening up your course for Guest Access
  • About the new Blackboard Mobile App

If you have any suggestions of videos you would like to see why not post them in the comments?