Expansion at COARS

We are delighted to announce that Dr Kieran Westley has joined Coastal and Offshore Archaeological Research Services (COARS). Kieran is a widely published specialist in maritime and coastal archaeology with over 10 years of experience as well as being an alumni of the University of Southampton.

Kieran’s research experience is focused in two principal areas:

  1. The investigation of submerged prehistoric landscapes using geophysical, geotechnical and archaeological techniques. His work to date has been conducted principally in Newfoundland (Canada) and the north of Ireland, and includes both landscape-scale survey, mapping and palaeogeographic reconstruction as well as site-scale survey and excavation. A particular highlight includes the first systematic attempt at prospection for, and excavation of, a submerged Mesolithic site on the island of Ireland.
  2. Assessing the vulnerability of coastal archaeological sites to future erosion and sea-level rise. To date, this has included local-scale assessments for selected case study zones in Newfoundland (Canada) and a provincial-scale assessment covering the entirety of Northern Ireland’s coastline.

Kieran is also highly experienced in the use of geophysical techniques for mapping underwater archaeological material, and prehistoric migration across/along formerly exposed continental shelves.

In addition to his academic research Kieran has considerable experience in developer-led archaeology, having provided maritime archaeology-related services to the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. This has included desk-based assessment and field survey of maritime landscapes and inland waterways, the regulatory assessment of applications for development in the coastal and marine zones under Marine Licencing legislation, maintenance and updating the Northern Ireland shipwreck database and a range of outreach activities aimed at promoting maritime archaeology.

Kieran’s appointment within COARS will primarily focus on the delivery of the North Devon and Cornwall Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey and is an exciting development demonstrating COARS’ ability as a leading provider of maritime archaeology services to both research and commercial sectors.